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Specialist Applications

Maun Motors offers a variety of specialised vehicles, for all manner of applications.  This page, offers a guide to some of the specifications currently in use, although by utilising our in-house body engineering workshops and selected quality body suppliers, we can quote for supplying a vehicle for almost any conceivable specification.  For Long-term or Contract Hire, custom bodies can be built in the Maun Motors workshops; to meet exactly with customer specifications.

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Urban Iveco Daily
This configuration of the Iveco Daily, was built by Maun Motors and is specifically designed to be 'urban-friendly', for distribution work in built up areas.  The body features a detachable tilt cover, which effectively gives half the body a curtain-sided property when needed.  This is particularly useful when carrying some cargo which needs to be kept dry.  The rest of the body features an aluminium dropside, with a tail lift, for ease of loading and unloading the vehicle.  All of these features - and the vehicle still has a substantial payload.

Daily With Tail Lift, Curtain Side and Dropside, Made For Urban Distribution     Daily With Tail Lift, Curtain Side and Dropside, Made For Urban Distribution

To handle removal applications, such as house contents, electrical goods and large equipment, Maun has a range of vehicles incorporating luton bodies, which give extra storage space above the cab.  Some of the 3.5t GVW models are also complete with a dropwell; where the rear of the body is lower than the main floor, to aid loading.  The dropwells have removable sections which can make the whole floor area standard height.
All lutons and dropwells feature tying eyes or loops, and some feature 'load-lok' rails on the interior walls, for securing goods.  Click a link below to visit the page you require.

Daily Dropwell Luton Vans: Ideal For Light/Medium Removals, Van Rental UK

Iveco Daily Dropwell Luton Van Self Drive Hire UK

Daily Dropwell Luton Vans For Hire UK

Removal Hire Vehicles Below 7.5 tonnes GVW

7.5 tonne Dropwell Luton Trucks: Ideal For Medium/Heavy Removals for Hire, UK
Removal Hire Vehicles, Over 7.5 tonnes GVW

Versatile Plant Transporters

Maun Motors offers different sizes of truck equipped with "beavertail" bodies.  This type of body has an angled rear end and detachable ramps for loading.  This allows vehicles, machinery and plant to be driven or winched onto the truck for transportation.  Our larger beavertail unit is well suited to civil engineering companies and open-cast mining operations, where plant, equipment and portable cabins all need to be moved.  A great feature of this body is that the ramps hydraulically fold flat to the body, which effectively creates a larger load area, for carrying the likes of poratble cabins, tool stores, wheeled plant, etc.

Beavertail, 7.5 tonne GVW
Beavertail, 18 tonne GVW
Beavertail, 26 tonne GVW

7.5 tonne GVW Iveco with Beavertail Body for Hire
Removable Ramps Attach to the Rear for Loading, Beavertail Truck Rentals

26t GVW Iveco with Beavertail Body and Sleeper Cab.  Self Drive Commercial Vehicle Hire
Ramps At Rear Fold Flat To Create A Larger Load Area for this Beavertail Hire Truck

Maun Motors Also Cater For Other Specialist Applications, Including:

Refrigerated Transport - Chiller and Freezer Van Hire
Crane Lorry Hire
Moffett Truck-Mountable Forklift Hire
Skip and Hook Loader Lorry Hire
Minibus Rental

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